Shannon W. Helzer

About The Author

At the heart of my literary odyssey is the nurturing hands of a junior high Reading teacher and of a demanding high school English teacher, both of whom saw the potential inside of their students.  They kindled a fervent flame within me that burned with the love of reading and with the unquenchable desire of telling stories through writing.

It was within the hallowed halls of Norfolk State University, a Historically Black University, that the foundation of my journey was completed.  My experience at NSU fostered my pursuit of knowledge in the fields of Physics and Materials Science while teaching me the skills and abilities needed to excel in academics and in research.  The NSU experience also introduced me to the Black Culture enabling me to recognize the ways in which we are the same while embracing the ways in which we are different.  Ultimately, these experiences intertwined with the delicate threads of imagination that eventually inspired my dream of becoming a writer and shaped the lens through which I would eventually cast my stories.

Chapter of Service and Discovery:

A divergent path led me to the uniformed embrace of the US Navy, where I donned the mantle of an Officer and embarked on a journey of discipline, sacrifice, and camaraderie. The seas became the rough framing of my quest to become a writer by providing both challenges and inspiration. Amidst this maritime expanse, an undercurrent of literature continued to flow within me. There, I realized the written word would one day be the vessel on which I would explore the unfathomable depths of human experience. Upon the shore of this realization, I set sail on a new chapter.

From Classroom to Manuscript:

As the Navy’s embrace loosened its grip, the halls of academia beckoned anew. Guided by my calling, I navigated toward Kutztown University, where the realm of education became my focus not only as a College Professor but also as a returning graduate student. Amidst these scholarly endeavors, the spark of storytelling rekindled. A master’s degree in education became my compass steering me toward nurturing young minds while continuing to nurture my own passion for crafting stories as I stood amidst the walls of a high school classroom, bridging the chasm between science and art as my love for kids and Physics danced with my affinity for literature.

With each book, from Rhue’s House to 50¢, I strive to meld the echoes of my scientific roots and of my experiences in diverse cultures with the symphony of words, crafting narratives that resonate in the hearts and in the minds of my readers. This journey continues as I am still guided by the belief that just as educators illuminated my path, my stories might entertain others while inspiring some of them to “be all that you can be.”

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